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LeeAnne McNulty

Board Member

Dr. LeeAnne McNulty is the Director of Institutional Grants at Allan Hancock

College, in Santa Maria. In addition, she is the DEIA/EEO Committee co-chair,

Pride Alliance co-advisor, and conducts numerous professional development

sessions for faculty, encouraging reflection and cultural responsiveness within their

courses. As the author of the Culturally Inclusive &amp; Humanizing Organizational

Assessment and co-author of the Culturally Responsive Higher Education

Curriculum Assessment Tool, she serves thousands and support the needs of

traditionally underserved populations. Dr. McNulty’s legacy is providing

educational institutions the tools, guidance, and resources to implement lasting,

sustainable culturally inclusive and humanizing practices. She holds a Bachelor’s

degree in Fine Arts, Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential, CLAD Credential,

Masters in Education, and Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership,


LeeAnne McNulty
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