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FUTURE for Lompoc Youth Names Chuck Madson First Executive Director

Lompoc Leading the Way - A Beacon of Hope for Our Youth

Future for Lompoc Youth 2021 graduates give back, mentor class of 2022


“FUTURE Academy has impacted my life by helping me connect with new people and expand my social skills, as well as opening my eyes to college opportunities and life experiences”


-Destiny L. 

“I learned how to comfortably speak in larger groups of people, and extended my knowledge as a person”


-Emilie W.

“FUTURE has positively affected me by growing more confident in my abilities and work better in others. They helped me grow trust and friendships with others in the club” 

-Marya “Jay” C.

“I really enjoyed seeing the protest on the UCLA trip. It made me realize that a small group of people can make a difference”

-Malikai C-VH.

“My most memorable experience in FUTURE was going to the Allan Hancock Career closet. It was so much fun picking out outfits and helping others find something they liked. I loved making new friends and bonding with the Hancock tour guides”

-Karla R-M.

“One thing I love about coming to FUTURE is I made new friends and I have a safe place to go after school”

-Alex V.

“My favorite memory during the FUTURE Academy was going to UCLA. I enjoyed the different classes, food court, and opportunities I learned about. The impact FUTURE has had on me caused me to take advantage of opportunities that benefit me. My full on experience there blew my mind, it was crazy getting to know people from different backgrounds and I went from being a quiet person to talking to everyone in the program”

-Joey P.

“Amazing going to UCLA in Los Angeles. I see myself in the future going into college, with more of an open mind, and how I’ll step forward once I’m on the college campus"

-Guadalupe D.

“I changed my mind about school when I graduate. I actually want to go to college and be successful”

-Jojo A.

“Doing an obstacle course blindfolded! It was all about trust, you had to trust someone with giving you the best instructions, and going in not knowing everyone but over time we we got to get closer and become less shy, and my speaking skills improved”

-Xavier C.

“The UCLA visit. It helped me find a college I wanna go to” 

-Sy G.

“I have changed to be a more outgoing person and make new friends and create stronger relationships”

-Alondra A.

“The field trip to UCLA changed the way I view college. The campus was gorgeous. I’ve seen the way the FUTURE program has affected people around me and myself. I’m not scared to speak to someone I don’t know anymore”

-Izzy M.R.

“I like the communication and chemistry everybody has in FUTURE”



“This has made a big impact on me because I realized what career I want in the future” 


-Cynthia B. 

“I feel like I have made friends throughout this program. I love the field trips too!!”

-Rebecca B.

“The FUTURE youth mentor that sits with me has given me lots of inspiration. When she gave her speech at graduation I was surprised that she too was like me when she was younger. I would like to say that out of all the memories, the ones involving her are the best ones. She is a strong, independent person, and I would like to be like her”

-Ella A.

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